About Us


Recognizing that local problems require local solutions, Roanoke Prevention Alliance (RPA) was created in 1997 to build a coalition of citizens, parents and professionals devoted to preventing drug and alcohol abuse among teens and young adults in the City of Roanoke.

By working together, the coalition implements strategies based on collected data and deploys resources that are tailored to the needs of specific neighborhoods. Since problems vary by neighborhood the targeting maximizes the effectiveness of limited resources.

Current Board Members / Executive Committee:
Lisa Denny, President
Zenith Barrett, Vice-President
Paula Prince, Treasurer
Sandra Pratt, Secretary
Brooks Michael, Board Member
Colleen French, Board Member
Amber Lowery, Board Member

Christopher Simmons, Board Member
Taisha Steele, Board Member
Ken Lyons, Board Member
Margie Shaver, Board Member
Susan Rieves-Austin, Ex Officio Board Member
Melanie Morris, RPA Director

Be part of the Change!

Join The 74 is a grassroots effort to educate teens and adults in SE Roanoke, Virginia. Stay tuned for further details.